Butte County South Dakota State's Attorney's Office

The State's Attorney's office is located on the main level of the Courthouse in Belle Fourche. Please ring doorbell to the left of the door for admission to the office. 


839 5th Avenue

Belle Fourche, SD 57717

Phone: (605) 892-3337
Fax: (605) 892-6768

Clara Kiley

Amy Welles

Rebecca Larson

Our Location
Belle Fourche, South Dakota

What We Do: 

The state's attorney is the chief prosecutor for the county, representing the government in criminal cases. The state's attorney investigates crimes, decides whether or not to bring charges against suspects, negotiates plea bargains, and tries cases before juries or judges.  In addition, the State’s Attorney’s Office also represents the community in Abuse and Neglect proceedings, the other Butte County Departments, as well as the Board of County Commissioners in legal matters.  Within these roles, our office serves this community through several important Programs:



The State’s Attorney’s Office cannot assist in civil matters such as divorce and custody matters; thus, you will have to contact a private attorney. 

The State’s Attorney’s Office, in partnership with ABC-BC, can assist in finding resources for drug and alcohol evaluations, outpatient treatment, and inpatient treatment needs for those under age 25.  Individuals can be referred through the judicial system, through the ABC-BC counselors at the High School and the Middle School, or by simply coming to the State’s Attorney’s Office and asking for assistance.