Butte County South Dakota Dispatch

Butte County Dispatch Center has been around in some form since before 1958 and is currently funded through Butte County and the City of Belle Fourche, along with periodic grant funds. There are 6 full-time employees and 2 part-time employees that work a rotating 2-week swing schedule. There is always at least one dispatcher on duty; though at times we are blessed to be able to operate 2 positions simultaneously. The dispatch center is overseen by Sheriff Fred Lamphere. We are in business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays

Our state-of-the-art center has been upgraded throughout the years until it has become one of the leaders in staff and technology in the state of South Dakota. We operate the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) system on two computer screens, R3 mapping system and RMS on another computer screen, and OMNIXX (our NCIC/NLETS/SDLETS system)/Recording System on a 4th computer screen. All dispatchers take part in in-house training, as well as state LET training in Pierre. Years of experience in our center range from 27 years to 3 years. Our center and staff are equipped to handle general administrative calls, law enforcement, ambulance, and fire calls. Daily we field a range of calls such as requests for phone numbers to extreme emergencies. Typically, due to size and location, approximately 80% of our daily workload are calls pertaining to Belle Fourche. The other 20% involve the communities of Nisland, Newell, Vale, Hoover, Aladdin, Alzada, Butte County, and Harding County, along with mis-routed calls from areas such as Spearfish or Rapid City.

We work in collaboration with other professionals in the public service fields, including our local and neighboring law enforcement, fire departments, ambulance services, emergency management offices, Lifeflight Helicopter, community shelters, and other groups. Our involvement with the community extends beyond work hours as we are continually updating and expanding our training and participation in community activities. We attend training for dispatchers, along with pertinent training with law enforcement and medical personnel. When we are able, we provide community awareness information to groups and events. We also participate in 9-1-1 For Schools each spring. During Dispatch Week we open the center to the public and provide one-on-one information to the citizens of Belle Fourche and Butte County.

911 Coordinator

Vicki Greenwood, Dispatch Coordinator


839 5th Ave 

Belle Fourche, SD 57717


Administrative Calls:


Important Information

Lost and Found Animals (Dogs and Livestock)

Lost: We will ask where it is lost from, what it looks like, (male or female), how long it’s been missing.


Found: We will ask what you found, where it is at, if it is confined or tied up, what it looks like, if the dog has tags what the number is, (male or female), and if you will be keeping the animal or if you need it picked up by law enforcement.

Controlled Burn:


Please have your address, name, and what you are burning ready to give to us when you call. We request that you report a controlled burn to us before starting ANY/ALL burns, as well as calling us again to let us know that you have finished burning. During burn bans, all controlled burns are prohibited except those with the express permission of the fire department.​

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